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Triple Crown 2017

Posted By: JJ

We fished the Dave Huth / Daniel Midgett Triple Crown, hosted by Bayliss boatworks. Same ol' crew. Me. Kyle and the kids. We didn't have much intel this year, no time to scout and the weather had been pretty nasty right up to the shotgun start. Like I often do, we went immediately against the grain as the 20 gauge firing pin hit the primer. 30 boats headed South and I did a U-turn to the North. If all of the fish we caught had been keeper sized, I would have looked like a genius! We ended up catching a bunch of trout, drum and flounder, which represent the hallowed Triple Crown. As a matter of fact, nearly everyone in the boat caught a slam but of all of the fish we caught, only 2 trout were nice ones. We enjoyed the action and stuck it out, trying to weed through the smaller trout, 17 inch drum and 13 inch flounder. We were so into trying to get some keepers that I hardly took any pictures...I wish I had, but I was slinging grubs! But, as it often goes, our nemesis and top shelf Sound Guide, ol' Dehart, had em rounded up and put his guys on a beautiful catch right out of the gate. Hats off to him.....Anyway, we'll be back next year and try to get back on the board. Awesome time as always, good friends, playful banter and a heap of soft crabs!! Thanks to everyone that makes it possible

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